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     I was born in 1942, to an old Texas family, and spent most of my childhood in the South American Pampas where my father was military attache to Uruguay.  After several years in Washington, D.C., I attended Texas Military Institute, at that time a boarding prep school for the military academies.

      I received my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Texas (Austin), with a double major in English and History, and a Law Degree from St. Mary's Law School, San Antonio.  After duty as a Regular Army officer in Germany, I then served as a decorated Combat Infantry platoon leader and company commander in the 1/14th, 4th Inf. Div.
in Vietnam, and then as an Advisor to the Montagnard RF and PF troops.  Later, I became an assistant professor of American social and political history at the USMA, West Point, where I was also a debate team coach.  I was then with the United States Business and Industrial Council, published many papers, was sent on fact-finding tours to hotspots like Sinaloa Province in Mexico, which was having a communist revolution, and to Panama during the Canal Treaty crisis.  My extensive articles were published in several magazines, and I was asked to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  My published articles are available as listed below -- mostly history, current events, literature, and culture -- in Chronicles: A magazine of American Culture, the National Review (one under a pseudonym), The Texas Republic, The (London) Spectator, Southern Partisan, History Magazine, The American Spectator, The New Oxford Review, The Congressional Quarterly, The Handbook of Texas, The San Antonio Express-News, The United States Industrial Council Educational Review, and two essays in Chronicles of the South: Garden of the Beaux Arts, and Chronicles of the South: In Justice to so Fine a Country, both edited by Clyde N. Wilson, and an essay in To Live And Die In Dixie, and I am a fellow of the Society of Independent Southern HistoriansI have had countless speaking engagements.  So far I have one book, The Secret Ledger of an early Texas Doctor, a light-hearted history, published by Eakin Press (Waco).  I am working on publishing a novel about 1st Century Judea, and on another book of history, about the Texas-Germans.  I wrote the introduction to a book on Jewish law; and was technical expert on a book (and video) on Waco and the Branch Davidian Trial.  I inherited and ran our family cattle ranch in Comal County until I became crippled.  I was an attorney for 30 years, in San Antonio, where I was also an adjunct professor of Constitutional and contract law.  I served on the church council of St. Anthony's Orthodox Church.  In addition to restoring Victorian houses, including my family ranch, I paint, and restore antiques when I have time, and was Adjutant of a Texas Confederate re-enactment cavalry regiment.  I ride Western, Gaucho, military (McClellan) and English, and speak four languages. I am married to fellow Texan Phyllis Keil Tausch, and have a grown daughter, Mary Lawrence Tausch.